“Working with Mike Sager has been a great experience for me, and I have no cautions to offer whatsoever. He’s fair, he’s smart, he’s a gifted editor, he’s funny, and he’ll work his ass off to help you sell your book. “  —Gay Daly, author of  Miss Havilland, named to  Kirkus Review’s list of Top 100 Books of 2020.

Welcome to Te Adiuva Press

Te Adiuva is Latin. It means “Help Yourself.”


That’s what The Sager Group’s new public publishing platform, Te Adiuva Press, is here to do. We enable writers and artists. We help you to help yourself. We help you to bypass the gatekeepers and to bring your work to life on the page or screen. We help you to harness the means of production. And meanwhile, we deal with all the headaches—from design to editing to sales tracking, we have you covered. With our buffet approach to services, you can choose exactly what you need. All you’ll have to worry about is your twice-yearly royalty checks. And there will always be a phone number to call, an answer from a real person.


All of our providers are skilled designers, writers, craftsmen, and professionals affiliated with respected universities, well-known old and new media brands, and top tech platforms. Many are award winners in their fields. We started The Sager Group to bring to life our own visions—to help ourselves combine art and commerce. Along the road, we’ve found purpose in helping others do the same.


If you check our home page, you’ll note that all of our books are of high quality in both form and content. The titles published by better-known authors, under more traditional publishing agreements, and the several journalism textbooks in use today at major universities, sit side by side on our digital shelves with the books we’ve produced for selected clients. One of our former authors is our best seller; his books are on lists with the likes of Steven King. His name is Brandt Legg. Check him out. http://www.brandtlegg.com/. Another of our authors is yours truly. After five books with conventional New York publishing houses, I opted to begin publishing myself—my way, my tastes, my rules, my ideas, my schedule. And my profits.


Te Adiuva Press can provide writing, editing, copyediting, fact-checking, lawyering and proofreading services, as well as all art, design, and production services. Through our sister company, SFAppWorks, we also have access to a full line of digital products and solutions. We also have travel professionals who can handle book tours and have a sweetheart alliance with several publicists to whom you can be directed. We also do video trailers. Full marketing packages–beyond our usual social media and newsletters–are not offered. We are a content producer only.


 Write us an email and tell us how we can help you to help yourself: info@thesagergroup.net

All the best,

Mike Sager
The Sager Group LLC


*Te Adiuva Press is the hybrid publishing division of The Sager Group LLC, a member in good standing of the Independent Book Publishers Association. Books published by The Sager Group are subject to a competitive acceptance process, with the stated goal of bringing forward diverse and undiscovered voices otherwise overlooked by larger presses and publishing houses.