Miss Havilland, A Novel By Gay Daly The Sager Group LLC, $15.99, 352 pages, Format: Trade Star Rating: 4.5 / 5 Evelyn has had a protected and mostly wonderful childhood growing up in San Jose, California, at the beginning of the twentieth century. Her backyard backs up to her aunt and uncle’s house, where her cousin and very best, best friend Billy and his sister Alice live. Evelyn is the [...]

A mathematician finds her life upended by World War I in this historical novel. Daly, the author of Pre-Raphaelites in Love (1989), recounts the events that led her protagonist, Evelyn Havilland, away from her Northern California hometown and eventually back home. The book opens in 1919 as Evelyn accompanies her shellshocked cousin, Billy, home from Europe, where he was a nurse during the war. In flashbacks, readers learn of Evelyn’s [...]




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