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These Women’s Magazines Aren’t Just for Women

By Jennifer Miller

In spring 2013, Joanna Demkiewicz, a journalism student at the University of Missouri, went to hear the longtime Esquire writer Mike Sager talk about his new book, “Next Wave: America’s New Generation of Great Literary Journalists.” The collection, which Mr. Sager had edited, celebrates 19 underappreciated young writers. But there was a problem.
“I looked around, and almost the entire room was filled with women,” Ms. Demkiewicz said. “And then someone raised her hand and said, ‘Why are there only three women in this collection?’”

Mr. Sager argued that his parameters — writers under 40, no first-person essays — had limited the number of women. “Female researchers came up with the initial list,” he said. The room was unconvinced. Eventually, he stopped protesting and issued a challenge: “Why don’t you guys do something about this?”

After the panel, Ms. Demkiewicz, a book publicist, and her friend Kaylen Ralph, a stylist, marched up to Mr. Sager. “We’re not buying your book,” Ms. Demkiewicz said. “But we are starting a magazine.” Mr. Sager gave them his card and told them if they were serious, he would help.

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