“I purchased this book for my magazine writing class and I am definitely keeping it once the semester is over. I had never been into reading long form journalism but this book has made me a fan of this type of writing.”

“I was required to purchase this book for my magazine writing class and it is one of the few “textbooks” I will be adding to my personal collection rather than selling it back.”

“It really doesn’t feel like a textbook at all. This book contains some really amazing examples of long form journalism. I never really enjoyed journalism, especially not long form journalism other than short news pieces, until I read from this book. It shows the importance of this writing in society and how beautifully it can be done.”

“I was assigned this textbook for a Magazine Writing class and I absolutely LOVE it. As an aspiring journalist, it has been so useful for me as I try to figure out my writing style and voice.”

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