In cooperation with the inspiring visionaries at Atavist,, the classic Rolling Stone story that inspired the movies Boogie Nights and Wonderland is being reissued with new details and information, restored cuts, a new author’s note AND…

*Exclusive crime scene video footage of the Wonderland Avenue murders.

*Substantive clips and interviews from the cult classic documentary WADD, which has been rescued from an obscure film vault by its director, Cass Paley, with the help of The Sager Group.

**It should be noted that the book is being edited/published/produced by the former University of California, Irvine student Gray Beltran, who took my class as part of his undergrad degree in Lit Journo and remained in touch…and has made me so proud. Gray left SoCal for Columbia J School and landed at Atavist during the early going. My understanding is he’s been central to the growth of this cutting edge and refreshing operation, which is headquartered in a suitably atmospheric building in Dumbo, in Brooklyn. Gray’s boss is the talented and forward thinking journo/publisher Evan Ratliff, with whom I bonded during a storytelling conference Bucharest during the fall of ’12, just as TSG was publishing it’s first list. I am so pleased to be working with the cast and crew of Atavist.


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