Praise for VETVILLE from military reviewers:

“Sager has written a gripping account of how these Marines are coping with their combat-altered lives. An experienced interviewer, he lets the Marines’ stories speak for themselves…Powerful stuff.” -Leatherneck, Magazine of the Marines

 “Entertaining and fascinating. Compassionately, and without personal prejudices, Sager manages to gently and psychologically dissect what he sees and senses…He gives us portraits of real human beings with flesh and blood emotional issues … At the end of the book, you will find yourself changed in some way. Call it empathy, or just a compassionate response to have seen and become aware of another man’s pain and suffering; but you will remember these men that you read about long after putting this book to rest.” –Military Writers Society of America*

*“Wounded Warriors” was awarded:
The American Author’s Association Golden Quill Award
The Military Writers Society of America Founder’s Award.






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