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 Next Wave collects the work of today’s finest young writers—nineteen creative reporters whose work builds upon foundations laid by previous generations. Although naysayers predicted the decline of quality long-form journalism with the rise of the Internet, Next Wave is evidence that the genre is thriving—aided by the very medium that was initially portrayed as the executioner.

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Featured Writers: Pamela Colloff, Luke Dittrich, Todd C. Frankel, Vanessa Grigoriadis, Justin Heckert, Wil S. Hylton, Chris Jones, Michael Kruse, Thomas Lake, Dan P. Lee, Ariel Levy, Brian Mockenhaupt, Maximillian Potter, Tony Rehagen, Robert Sanchez, Eli Saslow, Wright Thompson, Seth Wickersham, Jason Zengerle.

 “Some mighty great journalism here. I just wish I had assigned more of it.”  —Graydon Carter, Editor, Vanity Fair

“And literary journalism was supposed to be dying? This collection is proof positive that ambitious, inspired non-fiction storytelling has life in it yet.”   —Adam Moss, Editor, New York

“The kinds of gems that make us stop what we are doing for the sake of a good read.”   —Chad Millman, Editor-in-Chief, ESPN The Magazine

“Next Wave is a blueprint for the generation that will follow these writers.”  —David Granger, Editor-in-Chief, Esquire

 Next Wave is fascinating and beautiful reading for enthusiasts and students of vibrant, you-are-there, literary non-fiction. Each chapter includes a photo, a bio, a personal essay, and an outstanding magazine or newspaper story from a different up-and-coming writer. Compiled by two award-winning literary journalists/educators from the last generation, Next Wave is a celebration of today’s greatest writing and a roadmap for aspiring practitioners of tomorrow, a joyful reminder that literary journalism alive and well, and that artful craftsmanship will never go out of fashion.