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Also available to order at all brick-and-mortar and university bookstores.

NEWSWOMEN: TWENTY-FIVE YEARS OF FRONT-PAGE JOURNALISM is an anthology of stellar work by seventeen great female literary and investigative reporters whose newspaper writing has garnered awards over the past quarter century. Each chapter features a bio, a selected story, and an author’s afterword prepared especially for this book.

A large percentage of college and graduate school journalism students are women. Yet textbooks and resource material available is decidedly male-centric. Working together with the staff of The Riveter, a magazine and website dedicated to longform nonfiction written by women, The Sager Group has responded to a demand for affordable, female-centric textbook/anthologies.Two more anthologies of literary longform writing by women are upcoming.  (Here’s a link from The Riveter’s site announcing the series of books:

NEWSWOMEN: TWENTY-FIVE YEARS OF FRONT-PAGE JOURNALISM  features the work of women journalists  who wrote for top newspapers and alternative weeklies during the golden age of newsprint journalism: Edna Buchanan, Christine Brennan, Jacqui Banaszynski, Deborah Blum, Teresa Carpenter, Athelia Knight, Corinne Reilly, Lane DeGregory, Diana Henriques, Andrea Elliott, Amy Harmon, Julia Keller, Dana Priest, Anne Hull, Loretta Tofani, Christine Pelisek and Eileen Welsome.

Joyce Hoffmann is an associate professor of journalism at Old Dominion University.  Her book,  On Their Own:  Women Journalists and the American Experience in Vietnam,  reflects her long interest in the role of women in American journalism. She has  a Ph.D. in American Studies from New York University.

In the interest of education, all of the women and many of the newspapers have donated the use of their names and stories.

Newswomen is an excellent start to catch us up on where the women are and what they’ve been doing all these years, namely, writing award-winning literary journalism that can inspire our students.” –Literary Journalism Studies