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As the Titanic was sinking, who would make it off alive? The two cousins who had been so eager to see their first iceberg? The maid who desperately tried to escape with the baby in her care? The young newlyweds who’d booked passage despite warnings?

Now, more than one hundred years after that disastrous and emblematic voyage, Elizabeth Kaye reveals the extraordinary, little-known story of the people who left the doomed ship on Lifeboat No. 8. A Second Edition of the New York Times and Kindle Singles #1 bestseller, it has been freshly edited and expanded by the author with new material.

Told in real time and in the actual voices of survivors, Kaye’s poignant, pulse-pounding narrative includes the story of the kindly and elegant Countess of Rothes. It was the Countess who took charge of the tiller of Lifeboat No. 8, steering the small boat through the dark, icy waters as the others took turns rowing, an unlikely and determined vision in her ermine coat and pearls. In the words of one of  Titanic’s crew, the Countess was “more of a man than any we have on board.”

At the heart of Kaye’s tale is a budding romance between the Countess’s ladies maid, Roberta Maioni, and the Titanic’s valiant wireless operator, Jack Phillips. Roberta made it safely onto Lifeboat No. 8, taking with her nothing but a photo of Jack, who would send out one of the world’s first SOS signals. But would he be saved?

Surviving that fateful night in the North Atlantic was not the end of the saga. As Kaye reveals, those aboard Lifeboat No 8. would never cease to be haunted by the catastrophe of the sinking.

More than a century later, we’re still captivated by the Titanic and its passengers. With its skillful use of survivors’ letters, diaries, and testimonies, Lifeboat No. 8 adds a dramatic new chapter to the ongoing story.