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I bought a book on memory
And eagerly embraced it
I meant to read it right away
But seem to have misplaced it
—From “It’s Here Somewhere”

As a youth, Jim Swinehart was drawn to the usual adventure books, but also to the humor writing of Mark Twain, James Thurber, Erma Bombeck, and many others. During his high school years, he learned about various aspects of life by working as a farm laborer, newspaper reporter, lifeguard, camp counselor, photographer, dining hall staffer, drugstore salesperson, and assistant to a city clerk.

After college graduation and Army service, he spent 16 years on university faculties and four decades as a communications consultant, helping to design national campaigns on health and safety issues.  His academic and professional work has appeared in books, a dozen scientific journals, and as published testimony for a Senate committee and a Presidential Commission. He hopes that this book of (mostly) light verse, unlike his previous writing, will elicit smiles.