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True stories of obstacles, adversity and stubborn transcendence—including life inside an LA crack gang, ex-pat Vietnam War veterans in Thailand, a 650 pound man, teenage pit-bull fighters in the Philadelphia barrio, a round-the-world-hunt for the legendary actor Marlon Brando, five days in Las Vegas with basketball anti-hero Kobe Bryant and his wife, an unusual sojourn through red state America with The First Family of Rodeo, a look at the controversial but foreshortened life of the genius comic Bill Hicks,  and more.

“This collection of pieces from Mike Sager is just brilliant—brave, written with soul and beauty, and unflinching in the depiction of a real America that needs to be revealed. Bravo to Sager for being one of the few writers left willing to do it.”–Buzz Bissinger, author of Friday Night Lights and A Prayer for the City

“Because Sager is such a charismatic observer, skilled interviewer and pyrotechnic stylist, his magazine stories are haunting, memorable. Book publishers, fortunately, have recognized the universality of Sager’s stories, placing them conveniently between book covers.”Denver Post

“Sager has made a career of finding the unexpected story and telling it with empathy and narrative skill—a talent that’s on display throughout this eclectic and consistently arresting collection.”Publishers Weekly