The Stories We Tell: Classic True Tales by America’s Greatest Women Journalists Patsy Sims, Editor The Sager Group LLC (Nov 1, 2017) Softcover $26.95 (390pp) 978-0-9980793-1-8 RATING: FIVE HEARTS The writing is fantastic and topics are diverse, with in-depth and beautifully written looks at moments and movements. This important selection of news stories stands to be both instructive to students of journalism and a treat for its fans. With Madeline [...]

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Episode 64—Matt Tullis on Running with Ghosts, Aging Out of Jealousy, and Bringing a Reporter’s Mind to Memoir.

I was fortunate enough to help with the original story that inspired this book, which I cannot recommend more highly. If you know anyone who has ever been touched by this disease in any way, as a patient or a caregiver, it’s an absolute must-read. There’s some running in it, and a bit more about sports, but so much more.” Glenn Stout–series editor of The Best American Sports Writing since [...]