Ex-Stanislaus County offcial tells of sexual assault in new book By Garth Stapley, Modesto Bee   Sharing through a new book the gripping account of how she was ambushed, beaten and sexually assaulted 20 years ago helped bring a new layer of peace, says Karen Mathews, the Stanislaus County clerk-recorder from 1990 to 2001 and a recent congressional candidate. “It’s a little scary to put something out there, but it seems like [...]

link:   This book is now a part of the library at the Craftsmanship Museum in Carlsbad, CA. In it, Walt Harrington examines what makes a craftsman tick. He acknowledges right up front that words, not tools are his thing. He is a writer, not a builder. Many of his friends and acquaintances, however, went on to become fine craftsmen, and he began to wonder what made them different. It [...]

REVIEW: ‘Acts of Creation: America’s Finest Hand Craftsmen at Work,’ by Walt Harrington Article by: SPIKE CARLSEN , Special to the Star Tribune Updated: May 27, 2014 – 3:05 PM When I enter most art museums, I walk past the Chagalls and Rodins, down the stairs, around the corner and look for a nondescript doorway with the words “Decorative Arts” scrawled across the top. I know I won’t find paintings, [...]

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Tedd Benson Featured in “Acts of Creation” by Walt Harrington   Walt Harrington, the award-winning journalist and writer of seminal books such as The Next Wave, The Everlasting Stream, The Beholders Eye, and American Profiles, has included a chapter on Tedd Benson in his new book,  Acts of Creation, America’s Finest Hand Craftsmen at Work . In the book, the author travels coast to coast seeking America’s finest craftsmen at work in a quest to find “the magical nexus of craft, character, and mastery that gives birth to a functional work [...]