Silicone On Trial: Bastardization Of Justice By  Josh Bloom So, is justice really blind? Who knows? But, with the right recipe it can become deaf and dumb rather quickly.Here is the recipe. Mix the following in equal quantities: Junk science and medicine, a misguided and politically-driven regulatory agency, a flawed legal system, predatory trial lawyers, a self-anointed know-nothing consumer “advocate,” greed, and a company with deep pockets, and voila: the perfect [...]

IN COLOR EBOOK AND PAPERBACK OR BLACK AND WHITE PAPERBACK ON AMAZON   Danny Yukon and the Secrets of the Amazing Lamp is the story of a young boy who overcomes the loss of his father —a U.S. soldier serving in Afghanistan. As a result of the tragedy, Danny becomes mute. At night, his dreams are haunted by a ferocious tiger. It is not until his uncle gives Danny an [...]

  IN EBOOK ON AMAZON. SOON TO BE AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK. “John Holmes was every man’s gigolo, a polyester smoothie with a sparse mustache, a flying collar and lots of buttons undone. He wasn’t threatening. He chewed gum and overacted. He took a lounge singer’s approach to sex, deliberately gentle, ostentatiously artful, a homely guy with a pinkie ring and a big dick who was convinced he was every woman’s [...]

WADD: The Life & Times of John C. Holmes   Book Review: A New Generation of Great Literary Journalists Mark H. Massé, Ball State University