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NEWSWOMEN: TWENTY-FIVE YEARS OF FRONT-PAGE JOURNALISM is an anthology of stellar work by seventeen great female literary and investigative reporters whose newspaper writing has garnered awards over the past quarter century. Each chapter features a bio, a selected story, and an author’s afterword prepared especially for this book. Featured are: Edna Buchanan, Christine Brennan, Jacqui Banaszynski, Deborah Blum, Teresa Carpenter, Athelia Knight, Corinne Reilly, Lane deGregory, Diana Henriques, Andrea Elliott, Amy Harmon, [...]   Silicone on trial Breast implants and the politics of risk. 330 pps. The Sager Group LLC, 2015. Pris USD 25 Den 30. juli 1991 var det agurktid i nyhetsbildet i Midtvesten, USA. Da var det at lokale fjernsynsstasjoner fikk et tips om at folk fra det føderale Food and Drug Administration (FDA) planla å konfiskere et parti brystimplantater fra et lagerhus i St. Paul. Ganske riktig, de kom, og de tok med [...] Silicone on Trial– An Updated History by Jack Dini Twenty-five years ago from this coming December marks the anniversary of the famous Connie Chung diatribe against breast implants reports Dr. Jack D. Fisher, a surgeon and professor emeritus of surgery at UC San Diego, in his new book Silicone On Trial. (1) He says,” What CBS and the Face to Face team achieved that night was a new low for [...]   Silicone On Trial: Bastardization Of Justice By  Josh Bloom So, is justice really blind? Who knows? But, with the right recipe it can become deaf and dumb rather quickly.Here is the recipe. Mix the following in equal quantities: Junk science and medicine, a misguided and politically-driven regulatory agency, a flawed legal system, predatory trial lawyers, a self-anointed know-nothing consumer “advocate,” greed, and a company with deep pockets, and voila: the perfect [...]