the story from the ASJA Monthly, the official publication of the American Society of Journalists and Authors.   Q&A: Steve Weinberg By Barbara DeMarco-Barrett | From the April 2014 Issue Over the years, former ASJA Monthly book reviewer Steve Weinberg has compiled a collection of novels that feature journalists as protagonists. The collection numbers in the thousands, and he loans them out at the University of Missouri Journalism School Library. [...]

  “I purchased this book for my magazine writing class and I am definitely keeping it once the semester is over. I had never been into reading long form journalism but this book has made me a fan of this type of writing.” “I was required to purchase this book for my magazine writing class and it is one of the few “textbooks” I will be adding to my personal [...]

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link to story on kinja: You get to a certain age, you wake up to piss. For me it’s around five in the morning. Of the various changes you go through as the years pass, this one’s not so bad—at least for now. In the pre-dawn stillness I can hear the crash of the distant waves. Sometimes through the window I’ll see the bright moon hanging in the leavening dark, [...]  

read online: The dental hygienist was up to her elbows in my mouth when she started telling me about the upcoming wedding of her son. Her son is roughly 10 years older than mine. I’ve never laid eyes on her kid, but I know him anecdotally—every six months or so for the last 15 years, the hygienist and I have exchanged updates. A good lookin’ guy, a former club baseball [...]